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What is Traditional Thai Foot Massage?


Thai Foot Reflexology, or Thai Foot Massage as it is commonly called, combines acupressure, energy balancing and stretching to form a powerful therapy. It was brought to Thailand over 2000 years ago by Ayurvedic doctors from India and by Buddhist monks. It is practised everywhere in Thailand today and is a primary component of traditional Thai medicine. Similar to the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine that carry the ‘chi’ energy, the Thai Medicine ‘energy lines’ known as ‘Sen’ run throughout the entire body with specific reflex points ending at the hands and feet. The obstruction of this flow of energy is believed to be the root cause of discomfort or dis-ease in a person. The techniques of Traditional Thai Foot stimulate and open these channels.



How may you benefit from Thai Foot Massage?


Traditional Thai Foot massage is aimed at everybody. If you have tried reflexology you will enjoy this fabulous treatment! Benefits may include:


     * Improving circulation of legs and feet

     * Assisting with detoxification and strengthening immunity

     * Reducing stress and mental tiredness

     * Promoting self-healing and relaxation, and

     * Reducing stiffness and improving flexibility.



What happens during a session?


The first session will include a free 30 minute initial consultation to determine your present and past health and lifestyle, so as to tailor the treatment to suit your needs. Thereafter, Traditional Thai Foot sessions are 45 minutes long.


The session is usually given fully clothed, ideally wearing loose fitting trousers that can be taken comfortably above the knee. The client can choose to either lie on a massage couch or in a reclining chair. A Traditional Thai stick is used to stimulate the Sen energy lines and reflexology points together with a therapeutic massage to the legs and feet. Traditional Thai Foot induces a relaxed, yet energised state.


Advice will be given about what you can do to maintain or improve your wellbeing.


Traditional Thai Foot: £30 for 45 minutes


Home visits and Gift Vouchers are also available - please contact me for pricing.


Please contact Tess for further information or to request a booking.


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