Here`s what people are saying about Tess and Conscious Touch.


"I am delighted to say how pleased I have been with all of the treatments I have benefited from over the past 2 years I have known Tess.

The head massage has had the desired effect of draining my sinuses during bouts of hayfever as well as leaving me totally refreshed and relaxed. The full body massage has been physically relaxing and mentally calming and the Bowen was remarkably energising, yet calming too. 
Anyone who has not had alternative therapy before should try Tess, her ability to put you at ease and her gentle manner makes her the best therapist I have ever come across, and I have tried many all over the UK and abroad.
Even if you feel well before, you will feel better after a treatment from Tess." MK

"For over 10 years traditional physiotherapy has failed to alleviate the chronic pain syndrome I acquired following major spinal surgery. Then I found Tess and Bowen. The relief to have finally found something that really works for me is immeasurable. I have now managed for 6 months in between seeing Tess, something I would not have imagined possible prior to Bowen treatment, when I needed weekly physiotherapy just to function.

Tess makes me feel that she wants to help me and I am not just another client. Her obviously natural skill, expertise and desire to help, is an unbeatable combination." CA


"I was introduced to Bowen Therapy a couple of months ago by Tess Knight, and I’m delighted to say that her very light touch was not only profoundly relaxing, but also seems to have produced a lasting improvement in my obstinately painful ankle, knee and elbow." MD


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