What is Reflexology?


Reflexology uses thumb and finger pressure to stimulate the reflexes found on the feet and hands. These reflexes correspond to other parts of the body. In this way the organs, glands, structures and nervous system of the body are stimulated and the body’s innate healing power is activated.  Reflexology is an ancient tradition depicted in Egyptian pictographs and historic Chinese texts and modern reflexology is now practiced throughout the world.



How may you benefit from Reflexology?


Reflexology is aimed at everybody, including babies and children. It can help relax you, alleviate symptoms and improve your quality of life. Benefits may include:


     * Reducing stress and revitalising the body

     * Releasing endorphins, the body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals
     * Assisting with detoxification and strengthening immunity

     * Improving circulation throughout the body

     * Promoting self-healing and relaxation, and

     * Stimulating an emotional release, and improving mental function.



What happens during a session?


The first session will include a free 30 minute initial consultation to determine your present and past health and lifestyle, so as to tailor the treatment to suit your needs. Thereafter, Reflexology sessions are 60 minutes long.


The session is usually given fully clothed, ideally wearing loose fitting trousers that can be taken comfortably above the knee. The client can choose to either lie on a massage couch or in a reclining chair. Reflexology induces a relaxed, yet energised state.


Advice will be given about what you can do to maintain or improve your wellbeing.


Reflexology: £40 for 60 minutes


Home visits and Gift Vouchers are also available - please contact me for pricing.


Please contact Dr Tess for further information or to request a booking.



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