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What is pregnancy massage ?


Nicknamed the 'cuddle massage', pregnancy massage is a very nurturing and gently supportive massage. It shares the same general goals as holistic massage but is tailored specifically to the needs of a pregnant woman and her changing body.  Pregnancy massage can be undertaken after twelve weeks of pregnancy, throughout the second and third trimesters, and post-natally after birth.  It is also of benefit to children and those recuperating from illness.  


How will you benefit from pregnancy massage?


Research has shown significant benefits of massage during pregnancy.  It provides support both emotionally and physiologically, during a time when a pregnant woman's body is undergoing enormous changes. In addition the 'feel-good' oxytocin and endorphins released by the mother are passed onto baby. Specific benefits include:



     * Relieving muscular tension

     * Promoting deep relaxation

     * Facilitating more awareness of your body, which helps in labour and during breast-feeding

     * Reducing the effects of anxiety and emotional stress

     * Stimulating circulation

     * Promoting lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce swelling

     * Aiding bowel movement

     * Encouraging the release of oxytocin, and

     * Inducing deeper sleep.




What happens during a session?


The first session will include a free 30 minute initial consultation to discuss your pregnancy and your health and lifestyle, so as to tailor the massage to suit your needs.  You are advised to contact your midwife and/or GP prior to the massage to seek their permission and check for contra-indications. Please also bring along your notes as provided by your midwife.  


Full body massage sessions are 90 minutes long and include legs, back, neck, arms, upper chest, and face. You will be side-lying with pillows supporting your bump to ensure your and your baby's comfort and safety. The session will involve a range of gentle, soothing massage strokes depending on your aims and requirements at that time. 




Full body pregnancy massage: £55 for 90 minutes


Home visits and Gift vouchers are also available - please contact me for pricing.



Please contact Dr Tess for further information or to request a booking.


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