What are the Access Bars?


The Bars consist of 32 points on the head relating to various aspects of life such as power, control, money, creativity, communication, sexualness, body, aging, hopes and dreams and more. When gentle touch is applied to these points it helps to dissolve and unlock all judgments and limitations related to each aspect, opening you to greater freedom and choice.



How will you benefit from having your Bars run?


Having your Bars run is a relaxing and nurturing process, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life without any effort. It can have profound effects, including:


     * Deep relaxation and revitalisation

     * Reduced stress and worry

     * Increased energy

     * Reduced mind chatter

     * Improved sleep, and 

     * Increased feeling of well-being and mood.



What happens during a session?


Everyone is different so there is no 'normal' Bars session. You will either lie on a massage couch or sit in a zero-gravity chair (whatever is more comfortable for you) and I will gently touch the Access Bars points on your head. People often report a sense of complete relaxation and you may drift off to sleep. Some people have images come to them, or feel different sensations or emotions. A sense of peace and joy is often present at the end of the session.


Access Bars: £35 for 60 minutes


Home visits and Gift vouchers are also available - please contact me for pricing.


Please contact Tess for further information or to request a booking.


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